Getting Your Content From the Web to Mobile Phones

The Bango Button
What It Is: The Bango Button is a way for content publishers, social networks, advertisers, bloggers and anyone else with content online to link from the web to the mobile phone.

The free service appears on a PC page as a purple exclamation point with the words “Get on my mobile” and is compatible with most mobile phones and carriers.

How It Works: Transferring content from a PC to a mobile phone can involve typing in complex URLs and slogging through expensive, time-consuming, clumsy and unreliable processes. Or it can involve going a physical route, using a side-loading process similar to moving music to an iPod.

With the Bango Button, consumers visiting websites, blogs or other destinations on their PCs can click on the button, which will take them to a page with instructions on how to find Bango’s on their cellphones. Their content shows up there, ready for download.

Why It Matters: For social networks, media companies and other content providers, the Bango Button can be used to virally spread pictures, articles and other information among friends’ mobile phones. For marketers, the button can be applied to ads on highly trafficked websites. An ad for an automaker, for example, could include a button that sends directions to an auto dealership to a consumer’s phone or a phone number to call the dealer directly. Bango can also feed the marketer information about the user.

Who Is Using It: Well, it’s definitely still early. In its first few days, the feature has attracted a few hundred users. A few California bands are using it to sell ringtones and wallpaper on MySpace, and it’s also getting some uptake on Flickr.

What do you think….?


~ by digivine on November 19, 2007.

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