Intel’s Otellini Predicts ‘Personal Net’ Within 5 Years

Intel’s CEO Paul Otellini is predicting mobile devices will soon have more power than desktop PCs, and will “augment reality” by pulling data from the Net in real time.

“It’s an internet that is proactive, predictive and context-aware” – accessible through devices anywhere, he said during the CES conference.

The late Michael Dertouzos, former director of MIT’s Laboratory for Computer Science earlier predicted about just this scenario. He called them “BodyNets,” that enable us to access our social networks, email, news, bank accounts, want ads, and even place transactions, wherever we go, through mobile devices that work must faster than anything we’ve known in the wireline Internet.

In his mind, it would be via smart glasses in a real-world version of a convention used in the 3D virtual world known as There.

It seems Otellini is predicting this reality within five years.

If only Dertouzos had lived to see the day.

Read more about Otellin’s view, here


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~ by digivine on January 9, 2008.

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