‘Dewmocracy’ Draws 200,000 Registered Users in First Phase of Elaborate Plan to Choose New Flavor…

This much sooner than I had expected….kudos to pepsi to go beyond the normal branded gaming experience.

An anonymous hero rebels against the forces of uniformity and seeks an elixir that will change everything.

It sounds like a pilot for the Sci-Fi Channel or from a lost Marvel Comic. It’s actually how Pepsi-Cola is describing its most ambitious foray into the branded-gaming space: a rich, massively multiplayer online game that supports an ever-expanding plan to let consumers choose the next flavor of Mountain Dew. It’s no low-involvement proposition for consumers, which is why the marketer is cheered by early returns.
In the ‘Dewmocracy’ game, you aid an anonymous hero in his quest for an elixir that will change everything.

“The idea was based around the fact that we know consumers want to get more involved in creating their own content as well as developing their own products,” said Frank Cooper, VP-marketing at Pepsi-Cola North America. “Our feeling was there was a way to bring gaming and Mountain Dew together in a story-based form. Here’s a platform where consumers go through a story, play a game and through the process develop a product.”

Mr. Cooper believes what makes “Dewmocracy” unique is not the game itself but the fact that this story-based, interactive experience leads to product innovation that enters the real world in the form of a new drink.

Dewmocracy.com, has had 700,000 unique visitors, including 200,000 registered members who have played the game. The average time spent per gaming session is 28 minutes.

You can watch the intro commercial at http://www.dewmocracy.com/movie.aspx


What do you think….?


~ by digivine on January 31, 2008.

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