What Women Want Online

The Majority of Web Users Are Female, but What Are They Doing When They Surf?Type in “What do women want?” on Google’s search page, and you’ll get 160,000 hits. Try “What do men want?” and you’ll get just 27,000 articles.  Narrow it down to “What do women want online?” and you’ll see just 329 responses, while the same question for men returns only one article (and the explanation manages to fit in the words “kama sutra,” “dirty” and “nasty”).Maybe because marketers have long sought the attention of the coveted 18- to 34-year-old male, they already know what men want. But smart marketers realize they can’t ignore the fairer sex in the online world — now more than ever. Most peg 2007 as the year women tipped the scale to compose more than 50% of online users.Last year, “women’s community” was the most visited and fastest growing internet category, tied with politics, according to a ComScore Media Metrix year-end report. The number of unique visits to women’s community sites jumped 35% to almost 70 million from 52 million.

Both Glam Media and iVillage saw strong growth in visits in 2007, according to ComScore. Add that to surging mommy blogs and a global rise in female bloggers, and it looks as though women will continue to be a growing force on the web.

So what do women want online?

What Women Want

What do you think….?


~ by digivine on February 12, 2008.

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