Gen Y Communication

Boomers had it pretty simple back in their youth. Want to connect with your friends? Write them a letter, give them a call or go and see them.
How Baby Boomers Communicated

Gen X-ers had a little more fun. They could’ve emailed each other over 28.8 or used their pagers to send 1-sentence messages back and forth.
How Gen X Communicated

Here’s what Generation Y uses to stay in touch.
How Generation Y Communicates

To an outsider, it can be a confusing to understand how Gen Y uses those channels just to talk to each other. After all, Boomers just had three channels and they made friends just fine.

To put things in context, here’s what my communication habits are like and how I use the above.

What do you think….?


~ by digivine on June 17, 2008.

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