From Crowd-Sourced Ideas to a Crowd-Owned, Crowd-Managed Business Entity

We did hear organisations like Boeing, P&G, Dell, etc using crowding sourcing to develop newer and better products. Moving forward here is greater concept in my POV where a business idea gets collectively owned and managed by like minded individuals across the globe. Cool isn’t it?, which stands for Globally Owned Globally Managed Enterprise, administers a pro-business online community formed by aspiring entrepreneurs and subsequently facilitates entrepreneurs to collectively own and manage a business entity over the internet. Entrepreneurs are encouraged to contribute their business ideas. The best business ideas selected through internet voting will be implemented through the online community. The online community makes collective decisions on business planning, marketing and other business activities through internet polls and forums. Real life business staff will follow and carry out these decisions. Through business blogs and twitters, the operation manager will update daily business activities and challenges faced. Business mentors are invited to give advice so that entrepreneurs can make the best decisions. Progressively, entrepreneurs will know how their collective decisions shaped the businesses!


Most crowd-sourced and crowd-funded projects does not sufficiently reward participants and to some extent promote mass mediocrity. With Gogme, 100% of the net profits derived from the businesses created by the online community will be shared by the entrepreneurs. The Gogme Points System rewards entrepreneurs with points for submitting business ideas, referring friends, participating in online discussions, internet polls and other online activities. Points can be use to bid for business takeovers and franchises at reasonable rates.

Check out to have a peek into this very interesting concept.

What do you think?


~ by digivine on July 3, 2008.

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