Brands as media companies

Red Bull maybe one of the first brands to recognize the potential of become a media company. Instead of sponsoring events, it now creates and produces its own. This gives it a huge degree of control and the ability to associate itself with the extreme events that best suit the brand. You must be familiar with the FlugTag championships that happen often around the world.

Nike is starting to move in that direction with a slightly different take. It’s using the Olympics as an opportunity to showcase its innovation and technology and to communicate this to the world, it’s using the internet and dozens of video interviews with athletes and designers.

It’s a reminder that all brands have the opportunity to tell much big stories because the media bandwidth available to do so is that much bigger and costs nothing. Although, these videos currently follow a pretty straight formula, it’s like that we will see a lot more creativity being introduced into this area in the future.

It’s same to assume that in the near future, these brand stories will have as much creative importance as advertising does today. Whether advertising agencies will step up to take on this role, remains to be seen. If they don’t PR companies and in-house creative departments will take this over.

What do you think?


~ by digivine on August 12, 2008.

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