A Preview: Google Insights

Google has just introduced a new search trend spotting tool: Google Insights for Search. Google Insights provides web analytics, advertisers and marketers new means to understand search behavior – again free of cost.

Similar to Google Trends, users can insert a search term to see search volume patterns over time, as well as the top related and rising searches. Users will get the ability to compare search volume trends across multiple search terms, categories, geographic regions, or specific time ranges.

What can you gain from Google Insights for Search?

I did try out a smart search and saw the results myself……LG to Samsung within the Computers & Electronics category, to find out exciting facts on the India search queries during 2008:

While the brands are on the rise just on the eve of the festive season, but the interest in category has come down. (why ? Any guess ?)

The brands are neck and neck to each other across the country, though LG is more popular in North and West India whereas Samsung scores more in the Southern regions.

Rising search terms for LG includes LG Viewty and Scarlet (+100%), LG AC, (+60%),and various other mobile phone models.

Rising search terms for Samsung are influenced much from Slim TV and Myst (+100%), Samsung AC (+90%) and service centres (+80%)
Note that you can click on each search term to find its specific popularity, and can download a csv file for your convenience.

Maybe people searching for service centres gives us an insight that this information is not easily accessible from Samsung. The other case might be that promotions are very much working for LG proven by rising search terms of Viewty and Scarlet.

I believe this will be a much needed boon to all who were looking at competitive information across categories and brands….. thereby leading to some research insights. Brand owners will love to use this data to see if thier campaigns and products have been well recieved in the market. Some of my Insights colleagues will definitely like it…..

Also recently, Google introduced Google Trends For Websites , a new tool that lets users observe the traffic data from sites around the web. As suggested by TechCrunch, “the new feature pits Google against a number of well-established players in the traffic data space, including Compete , Comscore , and Alexa ”.

Today, Google opens another competitive frontier against search analytics providers as Hitwise, Compete and ComScore. Google offers a free playground, but not one customized to companies specific tracking needs. Moreover, as in other Google trend tools, it displays only relative results.

Yes, its probably Google’s strategy stating – we do know it all, we govern all data and use it for our own interests.


~ by digivine on August 14, 2008.

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