Social Radar & Geo LifeJournal on your Mobile

This is one of the coolest mobile apps I have ever come by till date…… enter Belysio

Imagine visiting another city, and seeing one of the people in your phone’s address book suddenly popping up in your Belysio app – ready for a meet-up somewhere nearby. Or tracking where your kids are hanging out.

All you need is a regular, modern cell phone with web access. Belysio is the first location based service that doesn’t require geo positioning technology. They simply compiled a database with all known phone masts in the world, and through that you can, if you want to, automatically let everybody know where you are.
Belysio is a Social Radar and a Geo Journal in one, showing you where your friends are, and what they’re doing. In other words, it’s the very first simple tool that demonstrates the advantages of “location” as an extra layer to your communications, offering you a delicious sense of “presence” and “proximity” regarding the friends, family members and business contacts in your phone’s address book.
Belysio offers many extras: address book sync’ing, instant messaging, photo album, location based google & wiki search, integration of your social networks, and loads of cool features to come!

What do you think…?


~ by digivine on August 28, 2008.

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