Technology used to make our lives easier…



This is quite a nifty simplistic (quite a paradox today) technology which should always be utilised to make our lives easier. This company seems to get the basics right of understanding a current problem area and trying to create a business model out of it.
“Press one to hear this in English… I’m sorry… I did not understand your entry… Please press star to hear this message again or the pound sign to hear more options…” We’ve all heard something similar to this when all we want is a company’s mailing address or to cancel our service. It seems like businesses purposely create never-ending loops of confusing questions and painfully slow options. No more. Not with the creation of a new startup called Fonolo. Fonolo lets users navigate phone menus visually through the Internet. For users, the system is free and can be used on any phone, with no software to install. Fonolo even automates the process keeping track of your calls, notes and recordings. Truly unique!

Pick the company you need, scan through their phone menu visually, then just click the spot you need to call. fonolo will automatically dial, navigate their menu and then dial your phone. When you answer, you will be connected to the right spot in the menu. We call that “Deep Dialing”. You’ll call it smart.

This is one more instance where we are seeeing integration of two very separate domains of telephony i.e; PSTN & VOIP. They are in a beta mode right now and you can register yourself for the service at their website. I think this will give a good insight on the bottlenecks currently existing today in IVR response systems….. hope D2C organisations realise this soon and act on it.

What do you think….?


~ by digivine on September 9, 2008.

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