Should have been “enter reality”

Just came across this yesterday while browsing the internet, and was quite excited by the things to follow. 3D has always been a talking point with “secondlife’ & other similar variations. But the reason I am definitely impressed here is the ease of use and a considerate effort to address consumer demands. There is no 30 MB download file as in case of setup, and no special software setup. This is just a 4 MB download plugin which gets integrated into your IE and you are good to go. Just try it out at

I did try out a couple of sites myself on my home broadband connection and I would definitely give it a thumbs-up in terms of experience. you may ask me a question “what difference does it make if I watch a website in 2D or 3D, after all I have come with a purpose (transact, info, search, etc.) and it serves the key? Yes, I would agree with your point, but what we are doing right know is viewing 2D sites on a 3D enabled viewer. Once we all start building 3D websites this will be a different experience all together. If you would have used Google Sketchup at some point, which a rudimentary example of what I wish to convey….. it will be more easier to understand.  

I also think this will catch on as a trend since it is more user friendly.

What do you think?

~ by digivine on September 20, 2008.

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