A look at a 12 year old’s personal blog

Quinn is a 12-year old U.S. tween who is using technology in a number of innovative ways. We do always see and hear at older people like me, I thought a younger point of view might be interesting – especially as we talk about personal brand. Today Quinn talks about social networking for the under-13 set.

I do participate in websites where I interact with people. I used to use Webkinz awhile ago. I still use Club Penguin. I once had a paid membership on Club Penguin, but I don’t anymore but I still use it to go on and chat with my friends.

Now I mostly use Polyvore and Teen Second Life.

On Polyvore, I make sets of pictures of clothes and other artistic designs from around the Internet that I paste on with other items to make outfits and pictures. Sometimes we do role play on the site. We know that we are being someone who we aren’t so it’s very fun. After you make a set, people will comment and favorite it. You can get very popular on Polyvore by having a lot of comments, favorites, and contacts – called buddies.

I found Polyvore when my mom showed it to me and have used it for eight months now. I love the feeling when right after you make a set and when a lot of people comment and ‘favorite’ it.

In Teen Second Life, you get to walk around a simulated world. It’s like Club Penguin and Sims 2 combined. I just started using Teen Second Life, so I’m still figuring it out.

Club Penguin I love because I’ve always loved penguins. It’s a funny way to chat and hang out with online friends and also my friends and I will text each other and say “meet me on Club Penguin.” I would suggest Webkinz for younger kids. It’s really cute and I think all of my friends have had at least one Webkinz [stuffed toy].

I have met many new people on these sites. I once met a girl on Polyvore online and we decided to meet on Club Penguin, too. I talk to my friends from Club Penguin, Polyvore, and Webkinz online, but they don’t know me in real life. They’re fun, and there are so many personalities. I like to meet people from around the world.

My parents do not want my phone number, email, address, last name, and pictures on the Internet. I always listen to them because I’ve heard of people posting that stuff and then getting into trouble – even in the future! I am allowed to post picture of items or pets and put that on. If my face is covered up, I can put that on. For example, I have a picture of me with a huge bubble from gum that covers my face and another one holding a Juicy bag over my face so you can see my hair but not really who I am.

I show my parents and brother my Polyvore sets and my little brother likes to watch me on Teen Second Life. For my mom’s latest book she wrote, I went on Polyvore and made sets about the book to tell people all about it. Other than that they aren’t involved.

The real Quinn likes to stand out but not as much as the Internet Quinn. If you look at my Polyvore page you will see that it’s crazy and fun and the outfits I make are crazy and bright. I think that the Internet Quinn is a lot cooler than the real Quinn. : )


*In the U.S., minors under the age of 13 are not allowed to participate in social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook. Of course kids can lie, but most don’t. The rules are based on the Child Online Protection Act also known as COPA.


~ by digivine on October 20, 2008.

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