Obama – Marketer of the year?

Not surprisingly Ad Age has named Barack Obama Marketer of the Year. Check it out here.

His campaign team has had a firm grasp of branding, messaging and old-fashioned political ground organization. It’s also been able to balance mass marketing with social media and niche marketing. Mr. Obama’s team is led by chief strategist David Axelrod and campaign manager David Plouffe, both from agency AKP&D Message and Media.

He has utilized social media and grass roots like no other candidate, and gone on to win the White House…. it was only because he dared to do it a bit differently. A great content peice circulated in his campaign…

Political campaigning will be forever changed and McCain has struggled with inconsistent mixed messaging because his handlers did’nt understand that in the Internet age NOTHING can be hidden. Gaffes, goofs, mis-steps, skeletons in the closet and staying on message are all heightened and difficult to cover up…If this were 2004 I think it would be a different story. But we’re looking 2009 in the eye and a new day appears to be dawning.

What do you think ?


~ by digivine on November 7, 2008.

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