Smart Text Search for Video

The audible scripts from online videos are becoming smart and searchable

Videos are becoming much more accessible to users by making their transcripts text searchable. Previously the only way to search for a video was by its title or tags, which could prove difficult and laborious. The technology is currently having its most profound influence in politics, allowing users to effectively search through debates and speeches to make governments more accountable.
Cases (UK) is a website dedicated to making British politics more transparent. In June 2008 it launched a time-stamping application to enable users to match up text transcripts with corresponding footage from the House of Commons. The site relied on volunteers to match up 45,000 clips for a budget of absolutely zero.

Google Audio Indexing (USA)

GAudi (Google Audio Indexing) was released as a Google Labs tool in September 2008. As well as tracking specific videos down by searching the transcript, users can also search within videos to view the exact piece of footage that features the words they are interested in.

This new function could increase the amount of video watched online and the transparency of governing bodies. Board meetings could be videoed and made searchable for customers and employees to view. Films, adverts, and historical footage could also be made more accessible. YouTube could include options to upload the transcript as well as the footage itself, or could collaborate with a software developer to turn the spoken word into written text as videos are uploaded. (courtesy – Cscout)

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~ by digivine on November 15, 2008.

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