Targeted Video ads embedded within Online Video….

Computer science whizzes at Stanford University have come up with a piece of software allowing you to insert ads onto the surfaces of walls in your Internet videos to make it look as if they were there all along.

In the Stanford ‘extreme makeover‘ video, creators Ashutosh Saxena and Siddarth Batra talk about the potential for this to be a google ad sense for videos, where sponsors can have their ads slotted into popular clips, with the creators being paid on a pay per click video.

In addition, the ‘3D surface tracker technology’ gives you plenty of scope to soup up your own environment to make it look better than it really is before it’s seen by the internet video millions. Batra says that in theory you could insert a poster of Einstein in a video likely to be seen by your parents, and a playboy poster in one to be seen by your friends (interesting friends).

I think most of the online video sites will jump on this opportunity, Google should lead the way creating a adsense kind of model for all video properties. Quite interesting…..

What do you think?


~ by digivine on December 4, 2008.

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