Twitter making more sense for businesses now…

Twitter has often been in the bad books of Marketers often due to some recent cases like Motrin. But there are brands which have also benefited from Twitter such as Red Cross, Dell & Jetblue.

“We’re using Twitter to get info out to the public and the media,” said Claire Sale, an interactive media specialist with the Red Cross. “Twitter offers a single stream of information, and it’s been most successful in disaster response, like the recent wildfires in California. “I think people like to follow breaking news on Twitter because it’s so instantaneous,” Sale added. “And it’s self-correcting. You might check a blog or an RSS feed once a day, but people tend to follow Twitter constantly.” The Red Cross has 3,000+ “followers,” people who have signed on to view their tweets.

Dell says Twitter has produced $1 million in revenue over the past year and a half through sale alerts. People who sign up to follow Dell on Twitter receive messages when discounted products are available the company’s Home Outlet Store. They can click over to purchase the product or forward the information to others. “A million dollars isn’t a lot of money, but it shows that people want to sign up for feeds,” says Bob Pearson, head of communities and conversation for Dell.

Discount airline Jet Blue also uses Twitter to offer real-time discounts, sometimes even offering tickets or adding flights when large numbers of people are Twittering sadly about the lack of transport options to a conference or festival. JetBlue also monitors Twitter for comments about the company, responding quickly to compliments and complaints, and following its customers.

There has always been talk about how would Twitter sustain itself in the long run, what’s the revenue model, etc. I firmly believe that this is here to stay and the consumers will decide that while we go forward. The revenue model should definitely not be by inserting ads like a Meebo does, but rather by using the huge amount of data/content generated daily where brands are being spoken about. This would be very valuable data for marketers considering the fact that it is instantaneous, live & locational.

What do you think…?



~ by digivine on December 17, 2008.

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