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Fanta (Coca-Cola Company) is about to launch a very innovative campaign on mobile across Europe at the end of January. Alongside the classic goodies (wallpapers, ringtones …), and a game, the wap site will offer original applications too.

Fanta Mobile.jpg

The most amazing one must be its virtual tennis. It is the world’s first 3D augmented reality tennis game, in which two phones connect via bluetooth before playing a game of tennis, using a “court” printed from Players can then use their mobile devices as tennis racquets to hit a virtual ball whose movement is determined by the angle and position of the phone.

An other application, the Fanta Stealth Sound System, uses high-pitched frequencies, only audible to the under 20s.
It includes wolf-whistles, warnings, pssts and sound tags for phrases like “cool”, “uncool”, and “let’s get out of here”.


A clever use of mobile and teenagers codes for sure. Just as Lynx (Axe) has been brilliantly doing this year with its multiple awarded “Get in There” mobile tools.
The Fanta applications will be supported by print and online ads, on-pack promotions, point-of-sale material, viral marketing and PR. It is true this exciting marketing instruments deserve exposure. But will it be enough to guarantee Fanta’s success? Only time will tell.
What do you think?


~ by digivine on December 26, 2008.

One Response to “Innovative Mobile Applications – Value Content”

  1. I find the high pitched frequency portion of this campaign freaky but scientific at the same time… very cool.

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