The best I have seen yet….for Kids

KIDO’Z ( is an Israeli startup based in Tel-Aviv that will give your kids a much safer, better experience over the Internet . The service is suited for kids at the age of 3 – up to the age of 11 (and more). In any case, the children don’t need to know reading & writing to use this site, they just need to have good motor skills to be able to click the pictures and the icons at KIDO’Z.

So what is KIDO’Z?
It’s an Adobe-Air-based application that open a small activity world for kids – right on the desktop. They call it “The Kids Browser” and after I installed the new version, I’d have to agree with that term.

The service allows kids to:

Visually browse through tens of safe links – links that punctiliously chosen in order to ensure only safe content.
Game zone with a wider view, and most important: without any annoying banners what so ever.
Video area – KIDO’Z filtered the videos for you, and displays only the stuff your kids will want, and need to see.
It’s really important to know that once the kids open this application they can’t go out unless they click on the icon that allows that, so it is most likely they’ll stay in this safe environment while they’re surfing.

I’ve to test this with my son & neice (ages: 3 – 6), and see if they are really excited by this.

From what I know, this is only a small piece of the main product, and based on what I already saw, you want to put an eyeball on that one!

There’s nothing like a visual sight – Watch this quick DEMO:

Expect to hear more about this in the coming few months.

What do you think?


~ by digivine on January 5, 2009.

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