Controlling Minds…is it?

I came across this technology which was showcased in the recetly concluded CES 2009 at Las Vegas, which seems to be a pretty interesting thing if you look from a future perspective. This game called MindFlex has been developed by Mattel and here the player wears a headset that measures the brainwaves to control a ball that floats on a cushion of air. The point is to navigate the ball through a maze of hoops. The more you concentrate the harder a fan will blow which determines the outcome of the game. Take a look at this video below:

I see this as trend where users will start communicating to smart devices through mental commands. This might sound out of the world for some sceptics, but that is something they also said when clap switches were first introduced. They went on to change lives of  disabled & old people for that matter. The very though that most excites me is this is sort of a new way of communication we are seeing here beyond voice, IR, bluetooth etc. And where there is communication there is an opportunity for media and marketers. How this opportunity is going to be harnessed is something we will definitely see in the near future.

My glimpse of it: Playing my favorite Xbox game FIFA through a mind controller rather than my wireless one, but finding hard to score against a defiant Chelsea. Meanwhile the game console registers how many times I had noticed the Nike perimeter boards during that very game from my concentration patterns.

What do you think?


~ by digivine on January 24, 2009.

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