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NEC continues on its quest to equip digital signage with all the tools necessary to know everything about the consumers that enter its perimeter. The all-knowing ad is now a reality.

Eye Flavor uses an embedded camera to gather demographic information about visitors, but also to gauge how well particular advertisements affect those that see it. It can tell whether viewers simply glanced at the display, gave it a passing look, stopped, or ignored it entirely. From this information advertisers can know exactly which ads grab their targets in a real way, and the locations that host the displays can more specifically target advertisers with strong demographic proof.

More hands-on possibilities mean changing the ads to fit the crowd on the fly, and offering discounts/coupons in the form of QR codes for mobile phones.

To test the system, NEC had the Eye Flavor installed at the Granduo shopping center in Tachikawa for three weeks in October, and it’s now available for real utilization for about $20k.

NEC has been doing a great deal in the last couple of years, particularly for technology to gather demographic information about shop visitors and then track their movements. Other systems can track movements within a store, which items were visually attractive, time spent at displays, and other valuable data.

I think we are seeing a growing trend among advertisers looking at more measurability across mediums which were considered un-measurable a few months back. These technologies will start seeping into other forms of visual medium as the digital influence gets stronger within.

What do you think?

Courtesy – NEC press release


~ by digivine on February 20, 2009.

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