Branded Online TV stations

Branded TV stations have had a chequered history. Audi TV launched to great fanfare in 2005 to a mixed reception, but is still going strong. Meanwhile, from Budweiser, on which InBev-owned parent company Anheuser-Busch pulled the plug last week, failed to attract the young, male-dominated crowd it was targeting as visitors to its ‘destination’ website.

So what fate will befall, which soft-launched last week on’s basketball sub-site?


A selection of adidas-branded video clips could be downloaded from the beta site via a free adidas-branded player and embedded into blogs or any one of 25 social networks that are compatible with the service. This is great branding tool for adidas that will help spread its content far and wide across the net. There was also the widget which will relay regular content updates when these become available on the hub. The site was initially slated to offer 75 clips created by adidas and its partners, but this is expected to increase quickly, with channels covering specific sports, alongside a dedicated adidas Originals channel hosting short films. In short, is expected to become a hub for all adidas video content.

Its future already looks rosier than Bud.TV, because it’s set up differently, having made its content as portable and sharable as can be from the get-go. Apparently, the site is intended to distribute content to users as opposed to being a destination channel. This is a refreshing shift of gear that appears to set apart. Previous TV ventures have seen marketers expecting consumers to seek out a branded destination and choose to spend hours hanging out there, while at the same time offering very little to keep them there. This attitude suggested arrogance on the part of the brand guardians and a completely unrealistic understanding of how people behave online, as well as, crucially, how they want to spend their time.

If any brand can pull off branded TV, adidas can. After all, as the brand keeps telling us, impossible is nothing.

We will keep you updated here….


~ by digivine on March 2, 2009.

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