Uniqlo – Ask your Customers

I have been keeping an eye on Japanese clothing company Uniqlo for sometime….and they keep me surprising with stuff they do from time to time. This is just one more out of the hat.


 Uniqlo’s latest web site (http://www.uniqlo.com/try/) is technically and strategically inspiring. They have asked 343 of their customers about their likes and dislikes in general, and specifically about bra tops. As you watch the site, the video thumbnails of 343 woman fly around the screen, forming patterns and images, as zoomed-in videos of different woman answer questions on the screen, such as “How much do you spend on clothes?”, What is your favourite magazine?” and “Where do you wear bra tops?”.

The site can be viewed in Japanese and English, and allows you so focus on women of specific body shapes or age.

Focusing a site on Uniqlo’s customers, their habits and likes, creates a community. Anyone watching it immediately feels part of the Uniqlo tribe. As with past Uniqlo promotions the site does not directly sell the product on the site – rather it creates interest to then seek out the online shop. I think it is a very good and consistent strategy from the brand absolutely imbibing the 2.0 attitude from it’s consumers.

What do you think?


~ by digivine on March 11, 2009.

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