Twitter updates to T-Shirts

I think this is really cool….one more instance of how social media is getting integrated across different aspects in one’s life. This is about apparel.


Consumers can now wear their status on their sleeves … er, chests, as two companies put Facebook and Twitter updates on T-shirts.

Status King is a Facebook application that lets consumers order T-shirts with their favorite status updates. There’s no Facebook branding on the shirt, since it isn’t sponsored by the social net, but the update does mirror the status update look and feel, complete with profile picture.

Memorable tweets show up on T-shirts thanks to TWItoshirt. The 140-character message, along with username, profile picture and time are printed front and center for everyone to read. You can choose from Tweets or Followers to be imprinted on your T-shirts.

Can you think of any other categories this might be extended to? Inspirational…


~ by digivine on April 2, 2009.

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