Mobile Social Drawing

This mobile phone application allows users to draw and share their creations with only a standard handset.

12Pixels, an application created by Karl D.D. Willis and Dr. Ivan Poupyrev of the Sony Computer Science Lab, is a mobile drawing application entering the emerging market of “social drawing”. Instead of relying on touch screens which are still rare for most mobile users, the application utilizes the standard keypad to draw.

12Pixels can be used to make avatars, emoticons, edit digital photos, and share the results with the world. The digital canvas is “painted” twelve pixels at a time using the phone’s keypad, and then expanded into more twelve-pixel blocks to create more detailed images. The creators of 12Pixels see the service as becoming more than mobile drawing, but also as a community and platform for designing physical products.

In a unique collaboration with Sony Style, 12Pixels is also offering a service for users to have their images made into mobile accessories with crystals. Featuring dog tags, key holders, mobile straps, and sticker sheets of crystals (for placement on the handset), users can submit their designs to the service and have the custom items mailed to them. Prices range from $63 for a dog tag to $360 for a full-size sticker sheet.

”Social Drawing” and mobile CGM are emerging somewhat separately, but are finding common ground in applications like 12Pixels. Instead of catering to new handsets, such as the iPhone, that can be used for drawing, 12Pixels’ target of standard handset owners is a new way to create without needing new technology. Sounds more inclusive to my liking….

What do you think?

~ by digivine on May 4, 2009.

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