Online Video becoming Ubiquitous

Yesterday YouTube launched YouTube XL, a platform that allows the user to view YouTube on a television in a version of YouTube that is customized for television screens.


The interface is a really basic stripped version of the web platform and comes with the functions to share, favorite, report and find related items. To browse the channels you can use your Gmote Android app or the – soon to be released – iPhone application. Great piece of technology produced by Google, but what does this mean for the online video industry?

The portability of online video is getting better and better. Of course, the leap to the iPhone and other mobile devices was a big step for YouTube in becoming more mobile and portable. But the television is still a bigger mass device then smartphones. With the introduction of YouTube XL, online video is taking a step out of the desktop environment and can become a part of the livingroom experience.


The new released Samsung television already includes the abilities of a lighter YouTube platform as a part of the internet options on the television which include Twitter, Flickr, YouTube and a range of optional widgets. The television is becoming a multifunctional devicewith good internet functions.

Needless to say “Key is Content” again….which brands will have keep investing in, keeping in mind that they will become more ubiquitous as we move along.

What do you think….?


~ by digivine on June 4, 2009.

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