Crowdsourcing Trend Updates

Stringing a couple of trends that has been consistently noticed across the globe with regards to crowdsourcing. We see consumers repeatedly being invited by brands to participate co-create final products & services. Going back to my earlier post a couple of weeks back where I had mentioned how things would be made easily customizable with the enabler of digital technology….we will see such stuff frequently happening more and more.

Lynx Collaborates with Users
Customers get to create their own scent. After the success of Dark Temptation, Unilever turns to consumers for the new variant of Lynx body spray.  (Contagious Magazine)

The Rise of Crowdsourcing
Will stock photography sites be the downfall of professional photographers? Companies are tapping crowdsourcing sites like iStockphoto for pictures that cost as little as $1.  (Wired)

Mobile creation – the Japanese way
Mobile phones are replacing PCs as gateways to the internet. Japanese youths stay connected to the world even during down time as blogs, vidoes and emails are readily accessed through their handsets. (Vodafone)

Individual businesses, sites or forums that channel the power of online crowds
Crowdsourcing: the new “in” thing. releases examples of businesses, sites and forums that crowdsource everything from graphic design to customer service in different countries. (PB Wiki)

“The Cosmetics Chosen by 1,200,000 People”
Crowdsourcing as the new marketing strategy: does it work? @Cosme demonstrates how crowdsourcing is effectively done by launching “The Cosmetics Chosen by 1,200,000 People” which is compiled from over 6,600,000 user rating entries. (Cscout Japan)

Can Creativity Be Crowdsourced?
What happens if creativity escapes geographic bounds? Hundreds of websites are crowdsourcing ideas, design services and inspiration to internet users. (Adage)

What do you think?


~ by digivine on June 11, 2009.

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