Augmented Reality – new experiences

It seems like digital folks are already starting to get bored with augmented reality. But, thanks to the new Phones with great camera devices, and hardware advances like Xbox’s Project Natal, a gaming console add-on that uses video cameras as input devices, it looks like there soon will be an entirely new generation of AR to play with.

Particularly exciting within the Xbox’s project is the elimination of the controller itself which is a step further from the Wii. Project Natal is controller-free gaming that allows players to interact by simply moving their bodies and speaking. Natal uses cameras to track the movements of players’ skeletons and distance from the console. Where the mobile applications of AR use positioning systems to bring up location-based information (Layar), Natal technology could be applied to AR for motion- or human body-activated graphics. We’re starting to see large companies thinking about AR and using motion capture control. Project Natal is a good component for AR, the way you can start using your body to play a game–that could be combined with 3D and video. This is just the birth of AR, there’s still a huge market in front of us.

One more instance of Technology becoming ubiquitous…


~ by digivine on June 26, 2009.

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