Interpreting Text Talk for Parents


Text stress is no longer a worry for parents who haven’t a clue what the kiddies are typing away. LG introduces DTXTR to translate from text to English.

The application can translate over 2,000 commonly used words from/to text, much like language site
LG is positioning the DTXTR tool as an “educational site and credible resource” and warns, “Please be aware of the adult language and recognize that the glossary may have offensive nature”.

A tool to help adults understand kids will no doubt find appreciation from clueless ’rents. But since the mobile app will likely only be available on LG phones, the service is unlikely to find widespread use — or, on the plus side, it could lure Control Freak folks to networks with LG phones.

Again we see the relevance of “Value Content” today, but importantly these are not only for yuppie geeky people but also for the normal traditional people of the last decades. key it that they should help them achieve something. Distribution channels like Internet, Mobile will only help fuel the fire and spread the adoption faster.

What do you think?


~ by digivine on July 6, 2009.

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