Mobile mixed reality – Nokia Concept

Any time you combine digital information with the real world, you end up somewhere within the spectrum of technologies collectively known as Mixed Reality. From enhancing online maps with real-world photos or other media, to interacting with a video game by simply waving your hands in the air, Nokia believes the line where digital information ends and the real world begins, is becoming increasingly blurred.

On one end of the Mixed Reality continuum is augmented reality, a technology that enhances the world around us by overlaying important data, usually in real-time. One can immediately bring to mind the image of a fighter pilot looking through his visor’s Heads-Up Display (HUD) at a view of the sky enhanced with real-world information, such as the target, altitude and horizon data. This type of technology has been used in specialized areas for years, but now is becoming much more commonplace, though many may not identify it as advanced technology in its daily context.

In American football, viewers are now treated to a dynamic yellow line drawn across the playing field, which marks the first down line. Players pass over and around this line as if it were actually drawn on the field itself, but it is just an illusion created by banks of computers, and geo-synced video cameras bolted to the stadium floor. In international football, or soccer, this technology can show on-pitch information such the distance a defender must stand back from a free kick. The technology to do this is relatively new, but has become such an integrated part of the viewing experience that “football” fans, of all types, simply can’t do without it.

On the other end of the Mixed Reality spectrum, video game makers have started using augmented virtuality in various ways to enhance the gaming experience. New controllers from companies such as Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony enable players to interact with games by tracking real movement in 3D space, providing a more intuitive, natural and overall fun gaming experience.


Mobile Mixed Reality

Researchers at Nokia have started pushing the boundaries of Mixed Reality by making it mobile. A phone becomes a “magic lens” which lets users look through the mobile’s display at a world that has been supplemented with information about the objects that it sees.


The various rich sensors that are being incorporated into new phones such as GPS location, wireless sensitivity, compass direction, accelerometer movement as well as sound and image recognition enable a new dimension of understanding and interacting with the world around us. Contextually tied to time, place and user, the information provided will be invaluable. Have a look at the video giving a glimpse of this concept coming along to life.

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