Video Status Updates :


This is something which will excite Twitter fans, who are glued to their updates most of the time. Here comes a mobile service, that allows visual status updates with 4-second videos and multi-platform integration. It allows users to utilize the service as a digital calling card, giving details on recent updates right as the person calls.

It seems they have already enlisted 100,000 users till date and hopes to become the largest microvideo service on the web. Justin Timberlake, a financial backer of the service, posts regular updates and boast over 800,000 followers, but it remains to be seen how this new format integrates with other ideas in a cluttered “statusphere.”

Developer Rey Flemings while speaking to Fast Company says “On Twitter, you can see what’s happening right now, but the photo you see has nothing do with what’s going on right now,” says Flemings. works in conjunction with almost every major social network, from Twitter to Facebook to Flickr, so it coalesces all that stuff into a palette you can check out before or during a call. “The information you see will still be going on while you’re on the call,” he says, so while talking to your friend, you might be able to see that they’re on vacation in Mexico, or check out a picture of their new dog. It’s conversational lubricant.”

A quick demo video here:


~ by digivine on September 29, 2009.

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