Tweeriing, Tweeriing!!

ttForget 140-character text-based tweets. Twitter users can now send audio tweets to each other using a third-party service from Internet communication provider Jajah. The service, whose beta name is Jajah@call, gives Twitter users the chance to make two-way calls with other users by typing “@call @username.”

Jajah’s free service allows Twitter users to tweet friends and strangers alike, as Jajah@call keeps phone numbers private. And just like text-based tweets, users may ignore the audio tweet and choose not to respond.
Jajah@call limits each audio tweet to two minutes, but that may change when the service moves out of beta.

What this means for business….?
Super-connected consumers have an interest, if not a curiosity, in potential audio integration options via social media networks. Vivox offers a third-party voice option for Second Life users and recently announced its third-party voice service for Facebook. It probably won’t be long before more mainstream social media sites start creating their own call services.
New Twitter applications spell new potential monetary options for marketers and Twitter users alike.

What do you think….?


~ by digivine on October 13, 2009.

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