Printable Circuitry


Xerox has developed a silver ink that can be used to print electronic circuits on fabrics, films, and materials other than boards.

Where silicon is the current standard for circuitry boards, the new ink allows electronic components to be integrated into apparel and flexible surfaces.

The printing industry is quite excited right now due to the rapidly developing field of printable electronics. The technology will allow for innovations ranging from flexible e-paper displays (which, in turn, could radically change the way we read books), more easily manageable RFID tags, product packaging and, among other things, animated posters. It looks as though this business is going to be a winner. Certainly, by the sound of the technology itself, it’s hard to deny that the world is poised for a major shift in the way it does paper and printing.

Keep a look out for more on this….


~ by digivine on October 30, 2009.

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