Ask your queries instead of typing them

Good news for Nokia users who carry an N-Series or E-Series mobile phone. You can now download the Google Mobile app for your Nokia phone and search Google using simple voice commands.

Google Voice Search app is location aware so you don’t have to mention the name of your city or locality when using location specific queries like “nearest chinese restaurant or “hospitals”.

The Google voice search app is integrated with Google Suggest but in addition to regular search queries, the voice app can also auto-suggest websites so you reach your favorites sites more quickly as you no longer have to type the full address of a domain.

In addition to Nokia S60 phones, Google Mobile App with Voice Search is available for BlackBerry, iPhone and Android based mobile devices.

This is one more example of interfaces that will help people jump the technology barriers through better use of technology itself. Considering the huge potential of the Indian telephony market, expect more applications like this as they tap into new audiences time and time again.

~ by digivine on November 4, 2009.

One Response to “Ask your queries instead of typing them”

  1. Fantastic, I didn’t know about this topic up to now. Thankz!

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