CES 2010 Roundup – ‘App Show’

This year’s Consumer Electronic Show brings 2010 in with a bang, and a shower of application supporting gadgets. Here is a quick overview of this year’s need to know developments.

  • For drivers of the Chevy Volt, GM has created a mobile application for use with BlackBerry, iPhone, and Android devices. It presents the user with data about the car’s current charging status, and the ability to remotely unlock/lock doors, honk the horn, and start the engine. Also included are notifications for when the Volt is starting to charge or is fully charged.
  • There have been  many remote control applications being developed for the iPhone, now Sony has decided to pick up on the concept and has developed an iPhone app for controlling its newest Blu-ray players. This will be possible through the players’ integrated Wi-Fi.
  • Samsung announced an app store for use with their televisions, Blu-ray players, PCs, and cameras. The platform is open in hopes that third party developers will get in on the action. Other companies also looking to bring social interactivity to the tube are VUDUBoxee, and Popbox.  Skype brings HD video calls.
  • Video content is not only being brought to the living room, companies are working to distribute on mobile devices as well. FLO TV is partnering with Mophie to launch an iPhone/iPod touch sleeve for live mobile television.
  • The car continues to become connected as Pioneer’s new audio system includes support for Pandora internet radio. I wonder how this will affect traditional radio consumption.
  • Among the many tablets and e-readers, Sony announces Dash, a 7-inch screen that runs on Chumby and gives access to over 1,000 specially written applications.

Last year connected televisions were hot on the CES agenda, in 2010 it looks like appstores are the “in thing.” The reason for this of course lies in their open source nature and ability for developers to bring innovation to an otherwise average device. Expect your gadgets to do a lot more this year.

~ by digivine on January 8, 2010.

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