Adding legs through Digital Connect

This is something Sony Ericsson has rarely done in recent times….that is utilise the digital medium to its utmost extent. I am actually quite impressed by the way they have gone about developing and executing this idea, adding legs to a localised campaign and making it reach far and wide.

In collaboration with Sony Ericsson’s Hopper Invasion campaign this past September in the UK, the interaction designers at constructed a grid of inflatable ‘hoppers’ that were each connected to air pump devices. Fans of the event were encouraged to use the hashtag #pumpt while tweeting what creative things they would like to do if they had hundreds of hoppers; these tweets triggered the inflation of the hopper grid, resulting in a real-space visualization of online activity associated with the event.

Each Space Hopper is inflated to capacity over a period of time depending on online activity, removed and replaced by a deflated Space Hopper. The whole event was streamed online 24h a day for 2 weeks from a secret location in London and users were encouraged to tweet what they would like to do with the hundreds of inflated Space Hoppers.

Have a look at the behind the scenes video here:

This is a great example on amplifying a traditional event or camapign through digital and getting users beyond the localised reach interact with the event.

What do you think….?


~ by digivine on February 8, 2010.

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