Instant gifts over the Phone

  • Beta site KangoGift is now providing the hookup for what might be called presentexting. The service lets gift givers send text-message (SMS) vouchers for real presents.
  • KangoGift (located in Cambridge, MA) is currently only partnering with businesses in Harvard Square; though they hope to eventually roll out to other areas.
  • The gift sender has his pick of a flower store, a bakery, a jewelry boutique, ice cream shop or a couple of restaurants. Suggested purchases and their prices are listed on the site.
  • A gift-receiving resident of that neighborhood presents her voucher to the store or restaurant to redeem the gift.

    Trend Impact

  • Convenience-minded gift givers are looking for solutions that streamline the gifting process for them and their present recipients. They want their thoughtfulness to shine without sacrificing a lot of energy.
  • Easy-to-redeem, instantaneous gifts are a good way to show care and concern for friends and family who need a little love in a hurry.
  • The ubiquitous mobile medium gives it the potential of really reaching the masses that too on a simplistic mode of SMS.
  • Brands will most likely use this to connect with the youth audience to create instant & long-term affinity which has always been the biggest hurdle for traditional loyalty programs.

~ by digivine on February 23, 2010.

One Response to “Instant gifts over the Phone”

  1. Hey, thanks for writing about KangoGift. We’re really excited about this concept and hope people like it. Email me at if you’re curious to know more or want to give feedback.

    ~Thad Peterson

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