Accessibility to everything: Mobile Phone

Our mobile phone is becoming a tool for access, bringing us the ability to control objects in our environment. Using RedEye,  the universal remote solution for Apple mobile devices, one man rigged his car for remote control.


Dave Phipps took the “universal” part literally and set to work using the RedEye and his iPod Touch to build a remote control for his Goat. The RedEye is interfaced with the control system for the car, also of Dave’s design, operating some things through wired links to the RedEye and others through infrared links as per the RedEye’s typical usage. As he demonstrates in the video, he can put the windows and roof up and down, control the stereo, and apparently even scare passers-by as he starts and revs the engine from outside the car.

This is definitely not the first time we’ve seen this done. Last year a Mazda RX-8 souped up with an Arduino was controllable from an iPod touch. Waterloo Labs demonstrated driving while on the roof of a car. A YouTube search for ‘iphone remote control car‘ brings up plenty more examples.

Watch the Video below….

As a trend we will see more and more things souped up within a mobile device which will be one key for everything starting from opening cars to ordering grocery through your finger tips. Brands will and should try to leverage this connection by giving accessible opportunities for consumers to connect with objects in their environment. I believe that the first mover here will stand to gain the most…. What do you think?


~ by digivine on March 23, 2010.

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