Two cool crowdsourced initiatives on the 4th Screen

Nike’s True City App Reveals Hyper-Local Hip Places, Cool Stuff

Nike’s True City App (tagline: “makes the hidden visible”) is a real-time travel and events guide for six of Europe’s hippest cities. The events on the app are a mix of curated recommendations from local Insiders selected by Nike, and crowdsourced information from the public, who can contribute their own geo-tagged recommendations for enjoying the city.  The best of these voluntary guides have the chance to join the official Nike True City team.

Nokia Crowdsources Mobile Phone Design

has launched a project called Design by Community that is crowdsourcing design ideas for a new smartphone device. Hosted on the Nokia Conversations blog, the company is collecting feedback about different phone characteristics.

When the user has selected their optimal configuration, they can click a “submit” button to send their choices to Nokia. The company will tabulate the results and use the information to design the new device concept. There will be several rounds during which a separate set of parameters will be put up for voting.

This project will be an interesting way for Nokia to learn about what design features people truly want from their smartphones. Collected insights will help the company produce a phone with desired features, and will determine if community-driven design is an effective method.

We will see more and more of this trend continue as Brands try to come closer to their consumers and create everlasting relationships (ideally)….


~ by digivine on March 29, 2010.

One Response to “Two cool crowdsourced initiatives on the 4th Screen”

  1. customer is surely the king ! Thx for updating M8, interesting stuff happening in the world !

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