The Chamelephone

Previewed at CEATEC 2009, Fujitsu’s prototype Chamelephone from designer Hiroyuki Tabuchi is meant to mimic the surface on which it is placed.

Using an unspecified LSD display, if left on a table, the mobile would appear to adopt the color of the material and blend almost seamlessly with the surface. Whether you are at the office or at home, the mobile would be able to maintain harmony with its environment.

One side-effect of this harmonizing is that the mobile device eventually becomes transparent and thus hard to see and find; ultimately it is camouflaged from the user. However, the addition of a trademark green spot in one corner should mean that the mobile can still be found when you look for it.

Rather than be devices just to show off, future handsets will require designs that are unobtrusive and sophisticated. The novelty of gadgets is receding, and the day-to-day simplicity and aesthetic of these products likely becomes more important. This concept is one solution to how mobiles will be absorbed, almost literally, more fully into our lives and homes.


~ by digivine on April 8, 2010.

2 Responses to “The Chamelephone”

  1. Well last i heard they were trying out permanent implants in the skull. Well that makes you gadget free !

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