Ecosystem of Screens

Scolu is an interactive installation being featured at LIFT 2010. With an iPhone, users can grab virtual creatures from a digital aquarium, interact with them, and share them with others.

Moving from iPhone to iPhone, from pocket to pocket, the virtual creatures form a community that is both real and virtual, connecting human beings and virtual creatures through physical contact. The experience is thereby prolonged beyond the walls of the exhibition and seeks to spread itself well beyond its source.

The evolving ecosystem of screens and these types of interactions that are possible between them opens up exciting possibilities. Special content could be pulled from a screen and traded like baseball cards. Games could be designed where users move items between screens, very much like we’ve seen with SiftablesPoker Surface, and Scrabble for iPad. Once you have content moving seamlessly, then sky is the limit. We will see this trend manifest itself itself much more strongly as our screens get evolved and become more ubiquitous in our lives.

View the demo below:

Keep watching!!


~ by digivine on May 4, 2010.

2 Responses to “Ecosystem of Screens”

  1. Surely augmented reality is soaring, many mobile app developers for smart phones are developing killer applications based on this.

    A good read 🙂

  2. […] text translation In my earlier posts I had written about seamless content transfer, and this post is in continuation to that. Visual translation will be one more mode of consumers […]

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