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Couple of days back, Google announced an interface for web-based television at the I/O Developer’s Conference. The platform is driven by search and easy access to content, integrating web browsing and standard television content onto a Google Chrome powered platform. Google imagines the TV as more than just a TV, indicating that the television can be a hub for gaming, photo viewing, music and Internet content. Google is currently working with Sony and Logitech to develop compatible television sets, and Google TV will also be available through separate hardware boxes that connect to existing sets.

The focus is on Google TV as an easier way to navigate through entertainment of all types. Users will be able to use a search bar that grabs content from the web and and from network providers, delivering search results on screen for an easily navigated experience. In the way that Chrome allows for quick homepage access to frequently browsed or bookmarked webpages, Google TV will offer a content homepage based on a user’s preferred content.

With web content being integrated into the television, Google will surely impact the way web, video, and entertainment content is produced and distributed. Google has pointed to ways that developers can optimize sites for Google TV, as well as initial thoughts on how Android-enabled devices can deliver integrated applications. I expect to see the development of Android applications that are designed to live within a television-driven ecosystem; these may bring ways for consumers to connect more parts of their home to a central television hub, and will link the mobile to the home as the Google TV API allows for platforms to be distributed through Android Market.

Watch a video explanation below:

A number of reactions to Google’s announcement have surfaced; we’ve collected a selection we find interesting below:

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Google TV

This space will hot up immensely as we move ahead…..watch out for more!!


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  1. Google TV will increase a quantity of Subscribers of paid TV, described in more detail here – http://www.fishku.com/category/articles_computers/google_tv_will_increase_a_quantity_of_subscribers_of_paid_tv.whtml

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