Mobile devices get Intuitive

The mobile phone’s main job is to make life easier. Since we often dip in and out of mobile phone usage–consulting our device for new emails, a map to our destination, or a quick game of Snake–we need them to be simple and intuitive. This is why the home screen is such valuable real estate, and where we are seeing some interesting innovation taking place.

You can tell a lot about a person by looking at their home screen — whether it shows the apps they use most or a picture of their new baby. It needs to provide instant access to things we care about. As Mobile Content Today points out, home screens on Android and Windows phones (as opposed to iPhones) can provide useful information even before an app is launched. Flyscreen takes advantage of this valuable real estate, letting you put your favorite web services on your phone’s sleep screen, enabling zero-click access to the content you use most.

Soon, our phones will be able to guess what we want and when–making them even more valuable, trusted and personal. Toshiba is developing a system that tracks patterns in users’ mobile behavior to then predict and provide information accordingly.Toshiba is developing a system that tracks patterns in users’ mobile behavior to then predict and provide information accordingly. It will use sensors in consumer mobile devices such as GPS and accelerometers, which detect movement and rocking, to assist in making prediction possible. Looking closer at this emerging technology, we might spot possible applications and effects on our behavior and psychology.
 Now Nokia has just released Nokia Bots that brings this type of predictive technology to the home screen. Bots is “a collection of add-ons that autonomously learn your personal preferences and improve the user experience with your daily routines.” These Bots run on the home screen, learn from your daily behavior, and customize it on the fly based on your patterns.

There are four types of Bots thus far:

  • Profile Bot helps you by automating profile changes during meetings.
  • Alarm Bot learns at what time you usually wake up, and suggests alarms and profile changes nightly.
  • Shortcut Bot provides quick access to your most frequently used applications. Your preferences are learned in the background, and shortcuts automatically updated.
  • Battery Bot lets you know if your battery needs to be charged in the evening before you go to sleep.

Nokia Bots is currently available for the N97 and N97 mini devices and can be downloaded here. Watch a demo below:

What do you think….?

~ by digivine on May 29, 2010.

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