Near Field Communications (NFC)

A little over three years ago, Nokia introduced the first integrated NFC phone to the public. Today, the company has announced its full commitment to the technology; it is to become the first manufacturer to build NFC into all of its smartphones.

NFC World reports:

Anssi Vanjoki, Nokia’s executive vice president for markets, has announced that all new smartphones introduced by the company from 2011 will come with NFC. [He] made the announcement during a keynote presentation at the Mobey Forum’s 10th anniversary workshop in Helsinki this morning.

Near field communication enables Bump-like interactions and data transfer between phones and other devices. This could mean anything from interactive advertisements to mobile ticketing and LinkedIn exchanges. Japan has seen the benefits of the technology, but infrastructure in the other parts of the world has been largely nonexistent. Until now, companies have been innovative in producing workarounds; Visa uses PayWave enabled iPhone cases and Canadian carriers support Zoompass Tag. Both of these enable contactless payments in specific retail locations.

With an entity like Nokia backing the technology, adoption could potentially speed up. Other companies like Apple have also been considering applications. Certain Android phone manufacturers promise NFC for early 2011. When these devices reach mainstream users, we may begin to see a new set of behaviors emerge.

I got hold of a video which demonstrated this while it was a concept at the CES 07 show….have a look

~ by digivine on June 19, 2010.

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