Instant Interactivity – “Digitail” Experience

Instant DIGITAIL is one trend that appears in our exploration of how technology and our senses play a role in the retail experience, both in and out of the store, from the perspective of brands, shoppers, retailers and communities.
Mobile social networks and connected in-store technologies are enabling shoppers to receive real-time feedback from friends and likeminded strangers. The availability of instant opinions and advice from peers is transforming even a solitary shopping trip into a more social experience and helping customers make more informed decisions about what they choose to buy.

Few Implications:

• Consider adding wireless internet access to the retail environment, enabling customers to share information with the network of peers that is validating their purchase
• Include social networking into your retail site, allowing potential and existing customers to share things with others
• provide the tools for consumers to capture and share pictures and experiences in the retail environment
• allow customers to take photos in store

Some brands who are already making this transition:

1) Store Camera Connects To Facebook

Diesel has installed a kiosk in some of their retail locations in Spain. each kiosk comes equipped with a Diesel Cam that allows shoppers to take pictures as they try on outfits. they can then post them online and ask their network of Facebook friends for their opinions on what styles look best.

2) Website Shows Only Clothing Your Friends Like

Levis has integrated Facebook functionality into their website, allowing users to “like” specific products and share their shopping decisions within their social network. the site can also be customized to show only those selections that have been “liked” by your peer group.

3) Ask The Community For Outfit Advice

GotryIton is an online community that allows users to upload digital photos of themselves wearing outfits they are considering purchasing. Users have the option to share the images with the entire community, or just their friends. once an image is shared, community members can vote on the outfit by saying “wear it” or “change it.”

4) App Allows Real-time Groups To Form Anywhere

Apple is rumored to be working on a concept called iGroups, an application that would allow for the real-time formation of “groups” within one’s social networks using a shared location such as a store, concert or restaurant as the basis for privately sharing information. the application could help shoppers quickly discover nearby friends or contacts and solicit their advice on potential purchases or recommendations.

5) Online Services For Sharing Purchases Among Networks

Services like Blippy, Shop and Swipely link with shoppers credit cards to enable them to easily share their recent purchases within their social networks, either automatically or through an opt-in service. as these services develop, they function as group recommendation engines for particular products. Brands might eventually be able to access this data and offer special promotions to particular users and their friends.

6) Unilever Ice Cream Machine Detects Emotion and Shares Happy

Last week at Cannes, Unilever revealed an ice cream vending machine for the digital age. Branded “Share Happy,” it is able to sense when people are near. Using facial recognition technology, it can determine age, gender, and emotion. The machine uses an interactive “smile-o-meter” to rate smiles; those with a big enough smile are rewarded with free ice cream. What is also worth noting is the ability for users to share pictures on Facebook via built-in 3G.

Take a look at the video below….

There is every reason to believe that more brands will come forward to create inspired innovations like these and bring themselves closer to their consumers in this connected world. Stay tuned there will be plenty more to talk about here…..


~ by digivine on June 29, 2010.

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