Gaming Trends from E3

Last week, at E3 the Electronic Entertainment Expo, the annual trade show for the video game industrythere were three major trends noticed within the industry: motion-controlled gaming, 3D technology, and innovations in controllers.

With the release of Microsoft’s Kinect and Sony’s Move, immersive motion gaming is rising in quality and popularity. The Kinect’s built-in cameras, 3D-depth sensors and multi-array microphone let users play without a controller—everything is controlled by movement or sound. Users can even scroll by waving their hand or control a movie through voice commands. “Dance Central,” a dance game from the makers of Rock Band, looks like it will be Kinect’s break-out game of the year. Sony’s Move, which uses “wand” controllers to track movement, also delivers more precise gaming but received somewhat tepid reviews from serious gamers. While these systems are great for casual gamers and party games, it remains to be seen how they will adapt to other genres like first person shooters, popular with the hardcore gaming market.

In additional,  3D systems were well represented, such as the Playstation 3, which has to ability not only for 3D gaming, but for watching 3D films as well. Also announced was the Nintendo 3DS, which eliminates the need for glasses to see 3D and even gives users the ability to adjust 3D intensity.The release of Gran Turismo 3, a hyper-realistic racing simulator in 3D, is heavily anticipated, as are other 3D games such as Killzone 3 and an updated version of The Legend of Zelda.

Finally, controller technology is keeping pace with the rapidly advancing gaming field, with the release of many new products. One of my favorites was the AR. Drone, a quadricopter that you control from your iPhone. Thanks to two built-in cameras, you get a pilot’s-eye view and can play AR games like target shooting and even battle other drones. I am already looking forward to getting my hands dirty on a couple of these great devices in the coming future.


~ by digivine on July 2, 2010.

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