“Bank of the Future”….digital fuel

The flagship branch that Citibank opened in New York’s Union Square today is a bit different from banks in its other locations. Instead of picking up a paper brochure, patrons can use one of the six interactive sales walls with touchscreen capabilities to learn more about bank services. Instead of using deposit envelopes, they can use enhanced-image ATMs to deposit checks without them. And instead of waiting for business hours to speak with a customer service representative, customers can use a 24/7 video chat station in the ATM lobby.

Some features of the new bank seem more suited for a cafe or a airport lounge than a bank. Customers can access free Wi-Fi (in a private seating lounge if they are Citigold customers), and “media walls” display news, weather, and information about Citibank. . Whenever a certain amount of people check in to the branch, an “internal marketing screen” shows which users are inside the branch at that very moment….through a Foursquare feed.

Digitally fueled changes like these will become rampant in the next few years of our lives. Food for thought – are we using the digital fuel today to power our brands/experiences into the future?



~ by digivine on December 21, 2010.

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