How LinkedIN got to 100 Million?

Recently LinkedIn reached a major milestone: 100 million professionals worldwide. LinkedIn is now growing at over one million new members per week – the equivalent of a professional joining the social network at faster than one member per second.

To celebrate this milestone LinkedIn launched above website where people can tell and share their LinkedIn success stories.

What will be the future role of LinkedIn? Will it disintermediate the large headhunting firms and will companies do the hunt for new talent themselves via LinkedIn?

Is LinkedIn already a headache to the CMO’s of online job boards  or will job boards move up the value chain themselves by becoming job matchmaking engines; not by offering the highest number of jobs, but matching candidates and companies even better, like a dating site?

Or will Career Networking on Facebook called BranchOut be the next social professional network?

Take a lot at how LinkedIn got it’s 100 million members in this infographic.



~ by digivine on March 30, 2011.

One Response to “How LinkedIN got to 100 Million?”

  1. Well, they did have filters to stream unwarranted connections initially. But with that gone, their spam levels are now competing with Orkut. While that may seem funny, it isn’t, in a professional setting like Linkedin. So hitting a coveted number of users isn’t really the mark of what was an otherwise great network..

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