Earn while watching video ads on facebook

In an attempt to bolster up its recently launched deals program, popular social media networking giant Facebook over the weekend introduced a new program that will now reward users who watch certain ads with Facebook Credits, the company’s virtual currency, which can be redeemed to purchase goods on Facebook Deals, the company’s new Groupon-like daily deals service.

Earn while you watch! Although, there are not any get rich quick schemes here that should prevent you from your daily Facebooking; albeit a selected few it will provide financial incentives if they view them, and initially, the average ad will yield one credit, which is equivalent to 10 cents.

Facebook plans to insert credits for watching sponsored videos within selected games and is a part of a broader test on 1% of Facebook pages on the right-hand side of the screen, an extension of users’ ability to earn Credits by performing other types of activities inside games, which has been available for the past year. CrowdStar, Digital Chocolate and Zynga are among the participating game publishers.

Users can utilize these bonuses for buying premium goods with this Facebook Credit at Facebook Deals. However, this new feature will be applicable on only select advertisements. The latest move is a resolution for low banner click rates faced by Facebook. Incentivizing consumers to watch ads is one solution for Facebook’s low banner click-through rates. I think the novel innovation is associated with Facebook amplifying its Credits program last week to let the users buy real goods rather than the virtual goods previously provided in the program.

Sociomerce is on the way!!

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~ by digivine on May 10, 2011.

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