GooMoto – One more piece added to the Google Ecosystem

Just days after Google announced that it was buying Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion, speculations go wild on the acquisition. Especially knowing that the Moto patents could ignite Google in its battle against Apple and Microsoft…

Motorola Mobility, the producer of the Xoom and numerous other Android phones. But the acquired Moto patents (around 24,500) seem to be a strategic fit in Google’s strive for making Android the market’s leading mobile platform. And to do so, Google will have to beat the Apple and Windows Mobile platforms.

Was the Skype acquisition by Microsoft, for $8.56 billion in May 2011, one of the reasons why Google overpaid (some say by over 100%) for the suffering Motorola, which certainly has not yet recovered from being a brand with a damaged reputation? Or was it the fact that Apple and Microsoft bought 6,000 Nortel patents in July 2011?

And, some of Moto’s patents could indeed fuel Google’s tap & pay mobile commerce and payment strategy. With Google Wallet – an App that will make your phone your wallet – you’ll be able to tap, pay and save using your phone and near field communication (NFC).

And in the 24,500 Moto patents are also IPTV and other interesting ones. Since Google TV is a piece of lame technology, Google might want to use some of the Moto patents to step up it’s Social TV game?

But, Moto is not the only smartphone producer that uses Android. Samsung, HTC and LG are the most important Android players.

Google immediately responded that it would its mobile handset partners and that Android will keep an open character, and with several producers. And to protect the competition, the Motorola Mobility and the Android team would be located separately.

But the Motorola acquisition will certainly fuel more speculations on for example, the next step that HTC, LG and Samsung would be taking.

It seems like all three producers have taken their strategic defense measures: on top of Android, Samsung also owns the Bada platform and Samsung co-produces Windows 7 phones with HTC and LG.

So what do you think Google has in mind with Moto?

~ by digivine on August 19, 2011.

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