Mobile trends for 2012

The Mobile device….always on, connected 365 days a year. Consuming information where, with who and when you want it. Making decisions to go where you want or to buy what you want; on the spot. Finding out what is happening around you and connecting with your friends 24/7. This is what consumers are doing at the moment and in the rate smartphones are being sold, it is almost inevitable that this will become the standard. Brands go where the people are; so lets look at my top 5 mobile trends for the coming year…

The first 3 ones are a must do, due to the increasing market penetration of smartphones and the changing way consumers are taking in information.

1) Location Based
Connect with your consumer when they are looking for a place to eat, where they can find a certain product or if they are looking for a good deal. Location Based marketing will enable brands to deliver your consumers a service in the context they require in that specific place and time. It is expected to grow to 1,4 billion users by 2012. You can target your audience in their context, their age, gender, where they are, what their personal preferences are and locking into their specific intention at that time. Send them on a treasure hunt and reward them for their compliance and input.

2) Social Networking
This trend goes hand in hand with the previous; location based marketing. At this moment this is the fastest growing category on mobile phones. We have established that there is no use describing what kind of target groups use social media, more relevant is finding where we can pinpoint passion groups. People will be sharing what they are doing, how they are experiencing it and whether they endorse your product, service or event or not. It is likely to evolve to an infrastructure provider, turning into data warehouses and providing user data and access to consumers.

3) Mobile Search
Pulling your consumer through the marketing funnel is slightly different to pushing them; they will be influenced by their peers and in the consideration phase they will tap into the web to find the information they need. They will go online directly to look for better deals, they will actually do so even whilst talking to your sales rep. Search will empower your consumer to immediately buy tickets, make a reservation or to validate what they are told. Where do they land? I hope on your mobile site, your mobile site has another set-up than your regular site. They will dismiss your brand if you do not provide them with the information they need. If you do not have a mobile site… get one now!

The next 2 trends are for the ones who are already in tune with their consumers on this medium.

4) Object Recognition
We see a lot in a day and are encountered by things we find remarkable, interesting or compelling. A lot of these things are not tagged or we don’t know what they are, where to find it, how much it costs or where it can be bought. Thanks to great camera’s, 3G networks and Mobile search we can now create applications that recognize the things are surroundings in front of us. We can instantaneously tap into our needs, inspiring people to a whopping call to action.

5) Mobile Commerce and Mobile Payment
Though not evolved into a full extension of e-commerce, mobile commerce is a force to be reckoned with. Enabling consumers to immediately purchase the product or service they are interested in, is offering them full convenience and propelling them through their decision making process.  Think of the conversion rates you can achieve… facilitate your consumer to do unpack offers, promotions and location based incentives. In order to get consumers on board, payment solution providers need to address ease-of-use for users and ease-of-implementation for customers without compromising security.

Convenience, customer experience and flawlessness are three keywords in making your mobile offering succeed. When is the last time you have used your mobile to check-in, share your status, search for information or to engage with your peers? Wouldn’t it be great if every brand or organization would offer you a good experience?


~ by digivine on January 24, 2012.

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